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WH Questions! - Volume 4 - Who?

WH Questions! - Volume 4 - Who?
WH Questions! - Volume 4 - Who?WH Questions! - Volume 4 - Who?WH Questions! - Volume 4 - Who?WH Questions! - Volume 4 - Who?
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Who?, Volume 4 of teach2talk’s™ WH Questions! series, models appropriate answers to a variety of “who” form questions, ranging from more basic questions requiring identification of individuals and identifying turns while playing games, to more advanced questions about societal roles. In addition to helping teach receptive understanding and expressive usage of “who” questions, Who? can also help your child learn to identify the people in your family, their daily life, your neighborhood and the wide world beyond.

teach2talk’s™ Who? was created by a speech–language pathologist who has extensive experience working with children to teach them question forms, including through the use of video modeling, which research has shown to be an effective method for some children. Fun songs are also added to keep children engaged and help them further generalize any new–found skills! Who? may be appropriate both for younger children just being introduced to wh– question forms, as well as older children who have language or developmental delays.

teach2talk™ Co-Founder Sarah Clifford Scheflen, M.S., CCC-SLP, Speech Language Pathologist:
Children typically learn to comprehend “who” questions when they are around three years old. Before I integrated video modeling into my practice, I had a very hard time finding material that was interesting to my students. Video modeling grabbed my students’ attention and held it, and they starting picking up “who” question forms in days! My students even now come to therapy wanting to practice. teach2talk’s™ Who? video can help teach children how to appropriately ask and answer “who” questions while at the same time exposing them to additional vocabulary through modeling a variety of everyday situations.

teach2talk™ Co-Founder Jenny McCarthy, Mom:
“Who” questions were tougher for Evan than some of the other wh- form questions, but just as important to his language development! Evan sometimes had difficulty following whose turn it was, or realizing that people in the community were real ‘people’ and not just someone whose job it was to meet his needs. When Evan learned to answer “who” questions, it helped him to relate to other people and grow in social situations. These videos help teach children how to ask and answer questions in a way that is fun for them.